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We Can't Wait to See You at the Heritage Holiday Gala!

You will receive details via email prior to the Gala; until then, here are some answers to the most asked questions:

How do I get my tickets?

We don’t have paper tickets to issue—we will check you in at our auction tent, located on Milledge Circle at Cherokee Avenue.


Can my friend still buy a ticket?

We will have limited walk-up tickets available on the day of the tour, but they will only be available at the non-member price of $80 each. We take cash, check, and credit cards.


What should I wear?

Many guests dress up for the occasion—and why not make it festive? Dresses, slacks, skirts and sport coats are typical attire. What we will caution you on, however, is high heels. We know you may want to make a statement, but the Gala is not the time to do it. To respect our historic hardwood floors (as well as the walkable nature of the tour) please don't wear sharp heels—opt for flats or comfortable walking shoes instead!

Where do I park?

While we do not have a dedicated parking lot for the Gala, there is parking available on the streets in the neighborhood—specifically, down Milledge Circle and some of the side streets. If you have purchased Host Committee-level tickets, we will be directing you to park along Catawba Avenue (see map below).

Where do I go once I've parked?

Check in at our auction tent on the triangle at Milledge Circle and Cherokee Avenue. You will receive your tour booklet, auction guide and bidding number. Each participating home will be marked with a Tour of Homes sign.